Choosing The Print That’s Right For Your Body Shape

There are several prints out on today’s market and you may find yourself having difficulty choosing the print that’s right for your body shape.  Checkered prints, animal prints and stripes all have different aspects about them, this may make you confused about which prints look good on you and which to avoid.

If you have an apple-shaped body, meaning when you gain weight it stays on the top, stay away from patterns that are busy.  These prints will only make you look larger than you actually are and will emphasise any problem areas.  Since the goal is to accent the slimmer part of your body – the legs – keep it simple on top and go shorter on the bottom.  This means skirts, but not pleated skirts.  Patterns are better on the bottom half, not on the top half.

Pear-shaped bodies are somewhat easier to please.  If you have this type of figure, you are better off wearing detailed prints on top.  Such prints can include floral or even checkered or polka dots, whatever your pleasure is.

Stripes tend to add width and length.   If your problem area is your torso do not wear horizontal stripes, which can give the idea that you are wider than you actually are.  Vertical stripes tend to make you look taller, so these are great on the bottom half.  When you wear striped pants, steer clear of wearing vertical stripes on the top unless you plan to look like a prisoner.

Choosing The Print That’s Right For Your Body Shape

Animal prints are bold in nature and should be worn cautiously.  They are better saved for sexy, bold outfits or lingerie.  Of course, there is always Halloween as well.  If you do decide to wear animal prints, make sure you accessorize as that will complete the outfit.  Animal prints are good for women who have hourglass figures as the patterns tend to be flattering.  With most prints, less is usually more.

Each body type has different prints that are flattering and those that should be avoided.  Do some research on your body type and determine which, if any, prints are best for your type.  Women who are heavier on top should avoid any kind of busy pattern while women who have pear-shaped bodies are better off wearing prints on the bottom half.  The key to looking good is to flatter your body type, no matter what it is.  So do your research, hit the shops and then knock some socks off!


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