How To Be More Ambitious

Many of us would like to learn how to be more ambitious.  We may be ambitious enough to create a comfortable life, but we lack the ambition to create an amazing life.  We gravitate towards comfort rather than embrace the change that building an amazing life requires.  Whether those ambitions involve work, travel, sports, family or something completely different.  We are probably capable of much more than we think.

Ambition might seem like an innate trait that can’t be developed, but that’s false.  Ambition is created by following a few simple rules and ideas.

You can create greater ambition with these strategies:

1.  Set rewarding goals.  One of the signs that you have set great goals is the amount of motivation you feel when you imagine yourself achieving them.  So, setting bigger and more exciting goals will increase your motivation and ambition.

●  Keep in mind that we rarely succeed at a level beyond our goals.  If anything, we tend to fall a little short of our goals.  Setting bigger goals is one way to have more ambition.

2.  Get a coach or mentor.  The right coach will help you to be more successful and help you to get there much faster.  The world knows that you’re serious when you hire an expert to help you.  You’ll also feel more motivated to do your best!

3.  Use your talents and skills.  Leveraging your talents and skills makes life easier.  It’s hard to feel ambitious when you have to navigate through your weaknesses.  Focus on utilising your talents.  You’ll feel more motivated to be highly successful.

●  Make a list of your greatest talents and skills.  How can you use them to your advantage?  Avoid your weaknesses and utilise your strengths.

how to be more ambitious

4.  Stick to your interests.  Do what you like.  Think about it.  If your goals revolve around something that interests you, it’s not really work.  The greatest guitarists in the world, love to play the guitar.  Those that excel at mergers and acquisitions love to make deals.  If you feel your interests and experience, alone, won’t get your dream job, then consider doing extra training.

●  It’s nearly impossible to be great at something you don’t enjoy it.

5.  Remember your successes.  Success breeds success.  How did it make you feel?  The emotions that arise from this simple exercise can inspire you to be successful again in the future.

●  Most people gloss over their wins and focus on their failures.  This is certainly an unproductive habit if you want to feel ambitious.

●  Make a quick list of your 10 greatest successes and fully experience them again in your mind.  Notice how the thoughts lift your spirits.

6.  Enjoy making progress.  Success takes time, but progress can happen quickly and regularly.  If you can learn to enjoy making a little progress each week, your ambition will increase.  Anything can seem easier if you enjoy the journey.

●  For example, it will feel easier to lose 10 kilos if you get excited when you lose one kilo.

7.  Manage negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are ambition killers. They suck all the motivation right out of you and bring negative expectations.  You can become effectively mentally paralysed if you don’t believe you can succeed.

8.  Spend time with ambitious people.  It’s challenging to rise above the level of the people around you.  You’ll become more ambitious when you spend time with ambitious people.

how to be more ambitious

●  Take a long and hard look at your social circle.  What impact do you believe these people have on you and your future?

What could you accomplish if you were more ambitious?  What would you attempt?  Take the first step today by setting a couple of big and exciting goals.  Consider your talents, skills and interests while setting those goals.

These simple steps will get your motivation and ambition flowing.  You can become the most ambitious person you know if you choose to.

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