The Appeal of Vintage Fashion

Trends may come and go, one day it’s leather, and the next it’s faux fur.  One year it’s denim, the next year, well, yes it could still be denim…. the appeal of vintage fashion though is never likely to wane.

Skinny jeans, flared jeans, cropped jeans, ripped jeans, they come and go as regularly as the seasons change.  But one thing that never changes and continues to be revered is Vintage.

For sure you can scour your nearest charity shop, or car boot sale, hoping to find some gems, it’ll all be mixed up with some Primark threads, and possibly smell of Grandma’s mothballs and possibly best avoided.

So where can you go to find well-presented, unique vintage clothing, for him and her, with a sartorial edge?

Well if vintage is your thing, you could do worse than spend a day in London, visiting these three dedicated vintage shops, you are sure to find something elegant, classic and affordable.

The Appeal of Vintage Fashion



Reign Vintage

12 Berwick Street

London W1F 0PN



Photo courtesy of Reign Vintage

Originally situated in Portobello Road and Camden Market, it’s now a top destination in central London, for vintage style lovers.  Brilliantly organised, over two floors, it offers a wide range of vintage clothing for men and women, lots of which are sourced in Europe.



51 Endell Street

London WC2H 9AJ

(Covent Garden)


Picture Courtesy of BlackOut II

Established over 30 years ago, this is a go-to destination for all things vintage.  Spread over 2 floors, and organised by periods from the 1920s to the 1980s.  This emporium is full of ladies’ wear, menswear, jewellery and accessories, high-end and affordable.  Don’t miss it.



282 Portobello Road

London W10 5TE

(West London)


The Appeal of Vintage Fashion


Courtesy of 282 Portobello

When the great British weather allows, 282 overflows onto the pavement with classic vintage clothing.  Full of elegance, here, you will find an array of the finest leathers, tweeds, wax jackets and furs.  For a bohemian flavour, there are accompanying hats, bags and footwear.

Whatever your clothing style or latest trends, vintage will never go out of fashion.  It’s a lifestyle choice in more ways than one.  Vintage cars, kitsch household items, home furnishings, and accessories, if you look hard enough you can just adopt a whole new era of design.

One thing is for sure, present-day fashion will come and go, and maybe come around again, but vintage stands the test of time.  It makes a fashion statement, and that statement is all about durability, class, elegance, refinement, and most important of all, STYLE!

How do you discuss your child’s fashion choices?


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