Decorating With Woven Furniture In 2022…… It’s In Style Again! 

In recent years, woven furniture has come back to the public vision, and gained popularity on social media platforms, such as Instagram. Woven elements can be found in both indoor and outdoor furniture.  Decorating with woven furniture in 2022…… it’s in style again! 

For example, a wooden cabinet features cane panel doors or drawer fronts. A wood bed with a cane headboard. Dining chairs showcase wicker backrests or woven seats. Not to mention a wicker patio set in the backyard. Moreover, there is a wide range of beautiful but inexpensive woven home decorations available, including cane-framed mirrors, rattan lights, seagrass baskets, jute rugs, and so on.

Decorating With Woven Furniture In 2022...... It’s In Style Again! 

What Is Woven Furniture? 

Woven furniture means weaving reed, rattan, cane, seagrass, wicker, rope and other natural or synthetic materials to make an article of furniture. Apart from materials, woven furniture is available in a variety of designs and patterns. The weaving process, materials and aesthetic taste originated in Africa and Asia and were spread to European countries and America from the 16th century.

Decorating With Woven Furniture In 2022...... It’s In Style Again! 

When time went to the 19th century, weaving design was applied in commercial situations, like hospitals and shopping malls. This relative niche style went to the centre of the world stage thanks to mid-century modern designers and makers. At that time, furniture design masters like Marcel Breuer and Hans Wegner creatively combined traditional weaving craftsmanship with wood or metal material to craft iconic pieces, which still inspire contemporary furniture design.  

Growth Of Weaving Furniture 

What makes woven furniture so popular currently? There are some explanations for the growth of weaving design. The first possible reason is the desire to decrease the use of plastic materials at the same time adopt more natural materials in their homes. Secondly, many online retailers have expanded and developed cane furniture lines in recent years, giving customers easy access to woven furniture in a variety of styles. 

To adapt to the ‘New Normal’, the interior design idea ‘Bring outdoors inside’ is welcomed by a number of house owners. Woven furniture, without a doubt, makes you feel rustic and energetic because it always incorporates outdoor elements, such as earthy colours and natural texture. What’s more? Its unique tropical vibe makes people feel they’re at the beach.  

Last but not least, social media allows more people to become aware of some unfamiliar furniture styles, such as weaving furniture. Instagrammers use words like ‘gorgeous’, ‘stunning’, and ‘beach vibe’ to describe woven furniture in their mind.  

How To Upgrade Your Home With Woven Furniture? 

Create A Warm Dining Nook 

A woven dining chair(product link:https://www.yaheetech.shop/collections/dining-chairs/products/yaheetech-weave-arm-chair-2pcs) tends to have a wood or metal frame with a woven backrest or seat. Some of them will combine modern design with natural materials to create a timeless but chic look. For example, a wishbone chair with a wood-coloured metal frame and a twine woven seat or a high back dining chair made up with a wicker woven texture backrest and seat and solid wood legs.

Decorating With Woven Furniture In 2022...... It’s In Style Again! 

Woven dining chairs can be paired with either a rectangular or round wood table, and they will look great in a mid-century modern, farmhouse, or coastal dining room. You can mix and match woven dining chairs with other types of dining chairs, making the scheme feel layered and enticing. Sitting in such a woven dining chair will make any meal more enjoyable and memorable, whether it’s a quick breakfast or a family dinner.

Decorating With Woven Furniture In 2022...... It’s In Style Again! 

Cosy Up Your Living Room 

Weaving accent chairs are available in a variety of materials and designs for you to choose from, such as traditional rattan chairs, low-profile woven leather chairs, and cane armchairs with or without cushions. 

Weaved accent chairs, with their natural materials and light brown colour, can complement most home decor, adding a cosy and exotic feel to your living space. You can add two comfortable seats by placing a pair of weaving accent chairs opposite the couch, or you can put a cane armchair in a sun-soaked corner to create a peaceful space for dozing, napping, or reading. 

Brighten A Dark Room 

Researchers suggest that visual light helps to achieve a regular body block and a healthy mentality, so creating a bright living space will be beneficial to our health. However, getting more light in by expanding old windows or installing new windows is both costly and inconvenient.   

Interior designers offer simpler solutions to make your room look brighter. One of the most effective methods is to add lighter-coloured furniture. Woven furniture is definitely a light and airy type of furniture, and some of them are able to let sunlight through. Using a woven side chair, a cane headboard or even a small rattan basket is helpful to balance the dark palette of your living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc, while also creating a natural and relaxed atmosphere for you.

Incorporate Trendy Bohemian Style Into Your Home 

A study in 2020 shows Bohemian style ranked third among the most popular interior styles in the USA. This style mirrors that life by combining objects, colours, and patterns from all over the world. If you plan to bring boho spirit into your home with some new pieces, woven/cane/wicker furniture could be a good choice. 

You can create a boho home by purchasing a complete set of wicker or rattan furniture or small accessories including rattan lights, seagrass trays, woven pouffes and more. To achieve a stylish boho look, keep your room neutral and add pots of green plants and your collected souvenir.

In a nutshell, woven furniture is about nature, cosiness, coast and summer. You can use one or more pieces of weaving furniture to brighten or enliven the living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom and any other place in your home. There are numerous kinds of woven furniture (with different materials, designs, patterns, etc) for you to choose from. I hope you’ll be able to appreciate and enjoy weaving design from now on. 

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  • I’m so glad this style of furniture is back! My Grandparents had woven furniture in the conservatory and the smell it emitted on a hot day was divine! Thanks for sharing xxx


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