What Is Eco-Friendly Organic Clothing?

With concerns about the earth and its fragile environmental state, it is no wonder that going green has become the next big thing.  Clothing, too, has joined the revolution in becoming eco-friendly and organic.  In order to be eco-friendly and organic, clothing must meet certain standards and is not allowed to be marked as so, until those standards are met and verified.  So what is eco-friendly organic clothing?

Organic simply means grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

Cotton is the most commonly grown fibre for clothing and typically uses the highest amount of pesticides.  Growing cotton organically helps to prevent pesticides and chemicals from rooting into the soil and damaging the earth, as well as preventing toxins from reaching people and animals.

The popularity of organic clothing has taken off in the last several years.  Now, beauty products, nappies and handbags are all being manufactured using organic materials.  There are even boutiques that specialize in organic clothing and accessories.  Do an online search for organic boutiques that may be near you.  There are also several online shops that cater to customers worldwide.

Eco-friendly simply means that nothing in the environment was damaged in the creation of the fibres or the clothes.  Eco-friendly can also mean the recycling of clothes as many items are now made with recycled fibres.  You can be eco-friendly as well, by utilizing your old clothing items and turning them into brand-new wardrobe accessories.

Rid yourself of the practice of throwing clothes out.  If you have clothing items that you no longer wear, why not modify the clothing and reuse it?  Jeans can be cut into shorts or frayed to exhibit a new look.  Dresses can be modified to skirts or even shirts, depending on the style.  By modifying and reusing your old clothing, you are helping to save clothing from going to the landfill and causing more waste problems.

You can make your clothes last longer by just washing them when really necessary and by following the only laundry hacks you need and applying eco-friendly methods.

If you are skilled at sewing, you open yourself to a plethora of ways that your outdated clothing can be revamped.

If you are simply not going to revamp your clothing, donate it to a local charity shop or take it to a recycling centre that handles textiles.  Maybe your refuse could become someone else’s treasure and avoid a trip to the landfill.

Recycling clothing and buying only clothing that is made with 100% organic fibres is a great way to help protect the environment.  With so many articles of clothing reaching the landfills, it clearly is a massive probably that everyone one of us needs to address.  So try to make your clothes more sustainable and save money too!


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