How To Change Your Look

Are you a little bored with your appearance and want advice on how to change your look? 

Every so often in our lives, we need to change our looks.  Sometimes it’s a gradual thing and it evolves without really noticing.  Other times it’s a more deliberate change to reflect a difference in our lives.   

For instance, when we finish our education and start our first job, we might look to change our look to reflect our more professional life.  It will partly be the fact that we do want to look the part, but also part of that might be around having more money to fund a new look.  It’s not just a change of career or a new role at work, it can also seem needed when we move onto a new life stage, say parenthood.  It doesn’t need to be that serious though, you could just be a bit bored with how you look and you fancy a change. 

Whatever the reason for the wish to rebrand our looks, it can be a rather daunting prospect, so here are some hints and tips to help you achieve a new look without breaking the bank. 

A New Haircut 

Picking out a new style or a new colour can make such a difference to the way we look.  Find a great hairdresser and seek their help.  They may feel that going shorter might take years off you, or that another hair colour will suit you better.  Take their advice and you’ll soon feel quite different.  Learn other ways on how to keep your hair looking great.


Your makeup look can seem a bit outdated unless you renew it now and again.  Even if you aren’t a follower of fashion, you can still make changes that will make you look quite different.  Don’t make your face look like it’s from another decade.  Pop over to YouTube to get some inspiration and pick up makeup hints and tips.

How To Change Your Look 


You can ring the changes with a change of accessories and bring new life to your clothes.  Simple, classy, timeless accessories will add a more professional, grown-up feel to pretty much any outfit.  One of the best accessories for you to change is your earrings.  They can change your look and make you feel like a new person.  There’s no need to go for precious metals unless your budget can accommodate it, as there are plenty of reasonably priced alternatives available. 

Capsule Wardrobe 

Replacing your entire wardrobe would cost a fortune, so why not try out a new look by picking out a capsule wardrobe?  By only purchasing a small selection of items, you can mix and match your wardrobe to create many different styles. 

This idea is based on the principle of “less is more.” When paired with seasonless clothing, you can create an infinite number of outfits by only buying 10-15 new pieces.  This will reduce clutter in your wardrobe and save you money at the same time.

How To Change Your Look

Get your Colours Done 

Seek help from a styling professional and get your colours done before you look to buy your new look.  Make sure you know what colours and cuts suit you best and be strict with yourself about sticking to what works.  Buy a few key pieces in your preferred colours and then update your wardrobe gradually as you come to replace older items with ones that suit you. 

Interior Design 

You might want to change your home as well as your personal look.  Perhaps you’d like a kitsch look or something more classical.  Changing your environment can change how people perceive you and how you feel. 


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