Choosing An Outfit To Wear To A Wedding

Choosing an outfit to wear to a wedding is a scenario I’ve often struggled with.  There are many considerations that you need to take into account.  For example, the type of event it is, the formality of the event, and your budget. 

You need to strike that tricky balance between looking your best for those wedding photographs and being appropriate to the occasion. ‘Here to upstage the couple’ is not a good look and won’t make you any friends. Nobody wants to look out of place at a wedding but it is not always easy to choose an outfit as often the only information you have is the invitation which may not tell you much at all!

Follow the Dress Code 

Some couples will provide details of the dress code or have a particular colour theme that they want you to adhere to.

Choosing An Outfit To Wear To A Wedding

If that is the case then your decision is much more straightforward.  I’d recommend sticking to the rules unless there’s a very strong reason not to.  

Generally, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing the same colour as the bride and her bridesmaids.  Find out what the colour scheme of the wedding is if you can, so you can plan your look with confidence. 

Forget the hat, unless you love them or they have been specified on the dress code.  Most weddings don’t have many guests wearing them and it’s one less thing to worry about.  If you want to add some interest to your hair, you could always add a hair accessory to give your look that extra something special. 

Consider the Location and the Time of Year 

Goosebumps don’t look good on photos and you don’t want to be freezing whilst you are waiting for the photographer to get her shot.  Consider building something into your outfit like a shawl to keep you warm for a winter wedding or have a warmer item that you can easily slip on and off for the photos.  Consider your shoes with care – no one wants to lose 3 inches of height as their heel is swallowed up by soft ground.

Location will also give you an idea of formality and style.  If the happy couple are getting married abroad on the beach, then a pretty, fairly informal, summer dress might be just the thing.

Choosing An Outfit To Wear To A Wedding

A city wedding at a smart venue will require something very different. 

Go Green and Reuse an Outfit 

You don’t need a new outfit every time you attend a wedding.  If you wear something you already own, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money.  You’ll be able to feel virtuous about doing your bit to save the planet too. 

Ring the changes with some carefully chosen accessories if you need to.  Maybe some new jewellery or a matching bag will give the outfit a bit more zing. 

If you are planning on buying a whole new outfit, you can still make a sustainable choice.  Opt for something you’ll get plenty of wear out of after the wedding, or maybe pick out a vintage piece. 

Good luck with finding the perfect outfit to wear as a wedding guest. 


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