How To Make Another £100+ Online

So were you successful in making your first £100 online?  I do hope so.  If you’re now looking to expand your list of ideas to make more money then we’re not here to disappoint!  So for how to make another £100+ online please read on:

11) Buy and Sell Domain Names

Are you the kind of person who is good at coming up with catchy ideas?  Then maybe you can register some interesting domain name combinations and go on to sell them to people who didn’t think of the idea quickly enough.

Domain names are very cheap to buy if nobody has registered them yet, and there are a huge number of websites that’ll let you register them for periods of a year or more.  If you think of something really good, and a company is desperate to get your hands on that combination of words, you could end up cashing in big.

12) Become a Vlogger

If you don’t mind talking in front of a camera and love watching vloggers on YouTube, then why not consider becoming one yourself?  As long as you’ve got a way to entertain people then you can grow a following.  This might mean you keep a video diary to tell people about your awesome life, or you might be someone who has no trouble making someone laugh.  Whatever your talent, use it to your advantage.

How To Make Another £100+ Online

When you do build a following on YouTube, you can go on to join the YouTube Partner Program.  This means that YouTube will include ads on your videos.  The more people that see these ads, the more money you’ll make.  As with creating a popular website, this is going to take time, but it can pay off if you’re dedicated.

13) Network for a Better Job

This isn’t a direct way to make money on the internet but it can help you drastically increase your earnings.  The internet makes it easier than ever before to network with people in a variety of industries.  Get yourself an attractive LinkedIn profile, start participating in various forums, and add connections that are related to your area of interest.  Work hard at it and you could find yourself landing a much better job!

14) Become a Virtual Assistant

The internet now makes it possible for people to work remotely, and this includes personal assistants.  No longer do people need to hire people to come into a physical office – they can hire assistants online to take care of things for them from the other side of the world.

If you’re an organized person, then why not become someone’s assistant?  You get to choose the hourly rate and you can market your assistant services on websites like  This can become a well-paid, full-time job.

15) Sell Your Own T-Shirt Designs

There’s a huge craze sweeping the online money world… that is T-shirts.  Thanks to websites like Teespring, it’s easy to create your own T-shirt design and sell it for a nice chunk of cash.

The website hosts your T-shirt for you, so you won’t need to bother yourself with creating an online store.  This means that you’ll only earn a percentage of the cost of each T-shirt but some marketers have been earning a lot of money when they strike gold with their design.

16) Investing

Invest in the Stock Market via an online broker.  Options include funds, shares, trusts and bonds.  You can invest up to £20000pa tax-free if you take out a Stocks & Shares ISA.  Be sure to do plenty of research before choosing what to invest in.

17) Sell Your Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts movement is really booming on the internet.  These days, people are willing to pay a little extra to buy items that are unique, which is why websites such as have become so popular.

How To Make Another £100+ Online

If you have a particular talent for making jewellery, creating desirable home furnishings, or anything else arty or crafty then why not have a go at selling some of your work online?  Start somewhere like Etsy and move onto your own website once you establish a customer base.

18) Sell on Your Education

Become an online tutor.  Until recently your market was limited to local face-to-face sessions, thanks to online tutoring sites you can go worldwide.

Sites such as Udemy allow anyone to create an online course and get paid for each user.

For one-to-one tutoring, list yourself on sites such as Superprof and MyTutor.

19) Create a Kickstarter Campaign

If you have a passion project that you need some help with to get off the ground, Kickstarter could be the answer for you.  This website lets you upload all the details of your project, along with a monetary goal and browsers of the website can choose which causes they think are worthy of a donation.

Take a look around the site if you want some inspiration.  It’s not just the biggest ideas that get the most traction, people have earned money from all kinds of projects on there.  You never know what could happen!

20) Become an Extreme Coupon Collector

Although this idea technically won’t make you money, it had to be included on the list.  The internet is a wealth of information when it comes to saving money.  One of the best ways to do that is to search for coupons every time you buy something that you are going to buy anyway.  You’d be surprised at how many shops put out special coupons and it only takes a little searching around to find them.


There are many more ways to make £100+ online, we have just covered several of the most popular.  In fact, the only limit on what you can earn is how much time you can apply to it.  Some might take longer than others to see the rewards but it’s well worth pursuing a few options.  Who knows, you might be inspired to start a new career!

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