Making Your First £100 Online

Looking for new ways to earn a bit of extra cash with a few easy-to-do side hustles?  How does making your first £100 online sound?  Well let’s show you how you achievable that really is:

More and more people are earning money on the internet these days.  Although it might not be as easy as some scam websites make it seem, it is very possible with a bit of effort.  Yes, I’m afraid that you do need to do some work, but the more you do, the more it will pay off.  Eventually, you may even find that you earn money while you sleep, through passive income.  So, here are 10 ideas for making money online:

1) Write Articles

Content makes the internet go round.  Think about all the websites you visit on a daily basis.  The chances are you read a lot of information on them.  Well somebody needs to write that information.  Now, don’t expect to approach a huge blog site and become a staff writer, overnight.  Just as you would with real-life magazines, you need to build up your experience and credentials before you’ll be able to write for a big website.

Instead, think about becoming a ghostwriter.  What this means is that website owners will hire you to write for their sites, and you won’t get a byline on the content.  This might seem bad, but it’s the biggest market for writers just starting out.  Have a look at sites like oDesk and Freelancer to find jobs.

2) Fill In Surveys

Although it won’t earn you big money, you can make a nice side income by filling in surveys for various companies, online.  Surveys range in complexity and time required and payouts will also vary between survey providers. Whatever you do, make sure you read reviews of any website promising to pay you for surveys.  Usually, a detailed Google search will let you know if the website really is legitimate or not.

3) Earn Cashback

If you regularly shop for goods and services using the internet, did you know that you could earn some extra cash from the things you would usually buy anyway?  Simply purchase your items through a cashback website, such as Topcashback or Quidco.

How do these sites work?  Well, the owners of the sites get a commission every time you buy through their affiliate links.  They pass some of this commission onto you as an incentive for you to use their links.  It’s a win-win situation.

Making Your First £100 Online

4) Sell Things You No Longer Want

Although you won’t be able to rely on this moneymaking method forever, selling things you no longer want is a great way to bring in some quick cash.  People are always looking for bargains on sites like eBay and Gumtree.  So, if you want to clear your house, why not make some money doing it?

5) Become an Affiliate Marketer

Did you know that there are millions of affiliate marketers out there, making commissions by sending people to buy items through their referral links?  Pretty much any big store you can think of – such as Amazon – has an affiliate program.

So, if you have an interest in a particular niche like gardening or knitting, why not start a blog about your hobby?  People will love the free information, and you can make money from the website by referring to your favourite products.  This is not a super quick way to make money, but it can be well worth it over the long term.

6) Matched Betting

Matched Betting is risk-free and can be a big money earner.  In simple terms, it is a way of extracting profit from free bet offers, made by bookmakers.  To do this, you would bet and lay on a single event, to release the free bet.  It may seem complicated at first but this matched betting guide explains it further.

7) Take Part in Competitions

There are a large number of websites dedicated to collating various competitions.  Why not spend 30 minutes a day taking part in competitions, where cash is the main prize?

You might not believe it but some people are “professional” competition winners.  They spend a fixed amount of time entering competitions, each day and are likely to win a few of them.  Even if you end up winning items that you don’t want, you can then sell them on eBay.

8) Sell Your Photos

Are you a keen photographer with hard drives full of attractive photographs?  Then try earning some money from them.  Although the pay isn’t always huge, you can make money selling your photos on stock photography websites like iStockPhoto.

Of course, if your photos are really good then you can create and sell prints for a larger sum of money.  However, that field is extremely competitive, so you probably shouldn’t set your sights too high when you’re just getting started.

9) Think of Something You Can Do for £5

Is there something you can do or create that you think people would pay £5 for?  If so, get signed up to Fiverr and start making some cash.  This is a great place for people to start their money-making journey.  Some people start on Fiverr and end up with a thriving business.

Making Your First £100 Online

For some ideas, have a browse around at what’s for sale on the website.  Some people create graphics, other people send postcards, others make videos and so on.  No idea is too small for Fiverr.

10) Self-Publish a Book

Everyone has heard of Fifty Shades of Grey – the self-published book series that’s gone on to be made into a film.  Those short eBooks have made their authors millions.  That could be you if you come up with the right idea and market it well.

Amazon Kindle makes it easier than ever before to self-publish a book, whether it’s erotic fiction or a how-to guide for vegetable gardeners.  It’s a great way to monetize a hobby you know something about, there are plenty of free online guides to show you how to get an ebook, for sale, on the Amazon Kindle store.

But don’t stop there!  How to make another £100+ online


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