MEN! Who needs them and for what?

When people start creating a blog, the premise is that your blog should help solve any problems readers may have, you should feel their pain, and then try and help them heal it.  No pressure there then. But ever the rebel, instead I am going to pose a question, it’s up to you to answer it.  Simply put, MEN! Who needs them and for what?

So what are the pros and cons of having a man in your life?

Well, in answer to my own question, unfortunately, (or possibly fortunately) I’m of the opinion that women really only need men for one thing.  The rest they can achieve on their own.  

There will always be a YouTube video to help you put up a shelf or a curtain pole.  There will always be a kind man at your local garage who will pump up your tyres or change the oil for you, and there will always be a man who can… do everything else if you search for him hard enough on Facebook.

You can take out the bins yourself, even in your fluffy slippers and PJs, fill up your own car with petrol, in the same attire if needed, and make your own early morning cuppa… also in the same attire.  If the fluffy slippers and PJs ain’t broke, don’t fix them.

BUT… even if you follow all the sage advice from those advocating the solo life, and invest in as many sex toys as can possibly fit in your bedside drawer, the bedroom is one place where you cannot truthfully replace the services of your own, personal ‘handy’ man.

MEN! Who needs them and for what?

Love the one you’re with, is a drum banged on by many, and for sure it can fill a void, but no battery delivered, ‘happy finish’, can really replace the passion and intimacy you experience with a real live man in the room.  If you happen to love him too, that’s a bonus, but not a requirement.

But when weighing up the pros and cons of having a man in your life, you might want to have the benefit of all the pros and none of the cons.  

The pros are that as well as being an attentive partner in the bedroom, he may well double up as a not too shabby cook, an expert at DIY, and pretty handy with the workings of a car engine too.  

BUT even on a part-time basis, his baggage may include scabby football gear to deal with, his bristles left in a sea of shaving foam in your girly bathroom, some addiction to gaming or his obsession with telling dad jokes will all grate in time.  Possibly the most important consideration is that he insists your beloved pooch is relocated to the kitchen, from its usual place on your bed.  That would be the deal breaker in my book.


You may have a degree in the fine art of sexual performance mate, but if my 4 legged friend is disadvantaged in any way by your presence, then shag me, and leave, thank you so much.  You’re welcome.

There is a lot to consider when making the decision to let a man into your life.  Even just as your bitch in the bedroom!

MEN! Who needs them and for what?

Well first of all, do they come with any expertise?   If you are going to have a man in your life, you want to reap the benefits without too much effort.  We’ve all consulted the ‘How to train your dragon/man manual, but you want a partner, not a project.

Does he measure up, are his tools handy?  Does he have stamina, and can he guarantee customer satisfaction?  All that sounds like a contract you are making with a tradesman, but sex is SUCH an important part of any relationship, that if your man can’t, or won’t deliver, then resentment sets in, and the  ‘do you need a man in your life’ becomes, ‘no you don’t want a man in your life’.  Especially this one.

But not wishing to sound too much like a man-hater, there are of course LOADS of other lovely positive things you can enjoy by having a man in your life.  

It’s lovely to have someone to do nothing with, those lazy days that just pass by with coffee and croissants, reading the papers, which morphs seamlessly into a cheesy afternoon film, followed by picky bits for tea or even a cheesy pizza and even more cheesy TV, then an early night.

MEN! Who needs them and for what?

Equally, just someone having your back, being on your side, and being looked after in small but meaningful ways, makes all the difference.

Maybe you prefer living on your own.  You treasure your own personal space and prefer not to have a special someone.  That’s perfectly fine too.  Can you just be friends with a man?

If you decide you would like a man, how to best try and acquire one will be influenced by your personal circumstances.  If nobody in your social circles matches up you could try the online option, but consider these 3 online dating tips if you do.

You may not necessarily need a man in your life, but you may just like having a man in your life.

Big difference!

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